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 Picture  by kind permission of owner Martin M.  LP12,  Harban plinth,  custom Audio Origami PU7, Sole VI, Platttamat 2.

 Pictured below is the latest development the successful Sole sub-chassis for the LP12. The Sole  version VIII whilst inspired by the Keel is no copy:  there are significant and important differences including material choice, pocket shape and depths and of course, interchangeable arm-boards. 



Our aim is to provide high specification, high performance upgrade components for your Sondek enabling you to achieve a very large proportion of improvements realised by Linn upgrades but at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, customers receive a far more personal service where you will conduct discussions with the manufacturer directly.

Official Linn "Klimax " upgrade components are very costly and this has created a burgeoning third party marketplace. Of course Linn responded to the third party market by introducing the pressed and bonded aluminium Kore as a mid range chassis upgrade.  However, we are able to offer our fully CNC machined chassis upgrade at a much lower cost as we do not maintain a dealer network have a large workforce or advertise in the Hifi press.

Some may feel this is a disadvantage because the prospective customer cannot listen to the performance of our upgrades in action prior to purchase. However, it is our belief that listening in a dealers (or indeed our) premises does not adequately demonstrate how the effect of any modification will have on your music in your own listening room, therefore we offer a *no obligation trial* where you may listen to the effect the Sole sub-chassis has on your LP12's transcription at home, in your system & listening room. In our opinion this is a crucial factor in determining if an upgrade is worthy without sales pitch  dealer time pressures or other constraints.

Customers report our Sole sub-chassis is better than both the much vaunted Kore and indeed the Keel and especially so when cost is taken into consideration, in fact one customer has sold his ultimate LP12 and retaining his Sole'd version as his ultimate.

 Of course Linn will have none of this because they mercilessly exploit their followers.

After many decades in production, surprisingly the LP12 is yet again being updated by the factory, so why the need for Linn and their "expert dealers" to churlishly point out the Sole is now in the Supreme MK VIII guise?  


Our guarantee to you for great upgrade at low cost....   


If you do not feel our sub-chassis upgrade is worthy, you may simply return the Sole undamaged after 60 days for a refund. We really cannot be fairer than that.

 * Conditions of course do apply, please refer to our terms and conditions page.