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Sole VII chassis with no arm-board. 

Sole VII chassis as a separate item.

If you want a Linn geometry arm-board, purchase the complete unit for £585.

Should you require a Rega or Naim version please purchase these separately.


Sole VII chassis+SoleVII Linn geometry arm board. 

Complete with black satin anodised Sole VII arm-board Linn fitting.


VIII Arm-board as individual item. 

Black satin anodised Sole VIII arm-board, sold as individual item for Linn arms, Rega arms or Naim Aro.

*Please note this arm board can also be used with Sole VII, just use 3 of the 5 fasteners provided.


Sole VIII 

Sole VIII complete with arm board of your choice - please specify Linn, Naim or Rega.

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