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Sole VIII complete with arrm board of your choice - please specify Linn, Naim, Rega or SME.

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VIII Arm-board as individual item. 

Machined and black satin anodised Sole VIII arm-board, sold as individual item for Linn arms, Rega arms or Naim Aro. Please specify your requirement when ordering.


Please note this arm board can also be used with Sole VII.


Sole VII chassis+ SoleVII arm board. 

Machined and black satin anodised Sole VII arm-board Linn fitting.


Sole VII chassis with no arm-board. 

Sole VII chassis as a separate item. If you want a Linn geometry armboard purchase the complete unit for £550.


Sole VII arm-board as individual item 

Sole VII 3 point mounting arm-board for Linn arms.


In Sole elastomer suspension kit. 

Blue Lube main bearing oil 

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