Delivery, disclaimer, guarantee & returns.


Delivery time on the Sole is dependent of the option chosen. Customers will be informed when we aim to dispatch the Sole. This is generally between 10 to 15  days but is ultimately dependent on our workload.



Analogue innovation will not accept liability for death or injury to yourself (or persons working on your behalf) in the course of installing our Sole sub-chassis into any Linn Sondek LP12. Nor do we accept liability for any damage caused by you, (or persons working on your behalf) in the course of undertaking this sub-chassis upgrade; or in applying any other upgrade available from Analogue Innovation for the LP12 or any other manufacturers' turntable.

If you are unsure about undertaking the work yourself, enlist the help of a qualified competent person to assist with strip down, re-assembly and set-up.