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Back due to a programme mistake !   The Sole VII  only 10 available  fully satin black anodised with Linn cut boards.  £585 inclusive of P&P.


Price increase..

 Next batch of Sole VIII's will be subject to a price increase to £800  after 1st August 2017.

Plattamat .


Hoping to reintroduce our popular Plattamat's soon. 



The Supreme Sole.


Sole version VIII,  "The Supreme Sole" is now released with choice of Linn, Rega, Naim Aro and Moerch arm boards with 5 point mounting system, to be closely followed with SME should the demand be there. The Supreme Sole and its partnering arm-boards will be fully anodised black and priced at  £800.

Now better than Linn's Keel considering its improved finish, versatility and performance to cost ratio.













Also new is our "In Sole" elastomer suspension system which has been trialled  in the field by some of our Sole customers and they appear to be very happy with the results.




Plattamat 2.


Currently out of stock .

 £26.50 including P&P within the UK.






 Analogue innovation: LP12 servicing.

We now offer set up and servicing on LP12's - inclusive of new springs, grommets, oil and belt. All for just £155.


Other makes of turntables serviced and repaired too!   Please enquire.