Plattamat's 1 & 2.

   Plattamat 1 


 Fits Rega, Thorens, Systemdek and Manticore turntables.





Crafted from selected from rubber bonded cork to provide an effective support platform for vinyl LP replay, Plattamat brings a number of sonic and practical benefits over felt mats. At 2mm thick with a finely textured surface, Plattamat will fit your turntable perfectly and will not entrap dust particles into the weave as will a felt mat, which may given time damage your cherished record collection.

Why rubber bonded cork? Essentially for the fact this material is available in a variety of compounds with varying degrees of neoprene, nitrile, silicone rubber and cork granules bonded together to form a resilient and easy to clean record playing surface. The grade selected by Analogue Innovation provides an ideal cellular composite isolation platform for vinyl replay.

Graded cork granules are introduced into elastomers as an effective process for adding air into the material being produced. This is due to the fact that cork is composed of a combination of open and closed flexible air filled cells. The variable amount of air added to an elastomer allows control of its resilience, internal damping and therefore, its vibro-acoustic performance.

Additionally,  our Plattamat is unaffected by static charges which can infuriatingly cause the felt mat to be removed with your record.


£19.50 inclusive of P&P within UK. For oversees rates please see postage rates page.  


Plattamat 2.


Currently out of stock. 


Fits Linn, Thorens, Heybrook and Ariston turntables.



Our latest upgrade for the LP12 builds on the amazing success of Plattamat 1.  

Plattamat 2 is a natural progression along the upgrade path and provides more of what Plattamat 1 does to improve musical presentation from your vinyl over horrid felt mats. We make no bones about this, for in our experience we feel felt mats simply kill music.

Plattamat 2 is manufactured from a finer grade of cork and now comes fast dyed in a charcoal colour for those who feel the natural colours of NBR cork is not for them. 


£26.50 inclusive of P&P within UK.  For overseas rates please see our postage rates page.