Blue Lube: turntable main bearing oil.


Possibly the best oil available for prolonging your turntable's main bearing.  Blue Lube is a super slippery lubricant that beat all comers in industry wear tests as demonstrated to us during research for a quality main bearing oil.


Blue Lube: 


A top quality high grade oil blended specifically for turntable main bearings.  Suitable for all Linn *,Thorens, Rega, Ariston bearings etc.  Contains no molybdenum disulphide or PTFE additives.

*All Linn bearings will benefit from this oil:  some early Linn LP12 bearings are affected by Linn's own  "Black oil" causing them to seize. Analogue Innovation's Blue Lube will not adversely affect any turntable bearing that requires oil for lubrication. 

5ml bottle (LP12 bearing takes 1.8 ml) supplied with pipette and instructions.

 £9.50 inclusive of P&P within UK.

Blue Lube